Villa Valeria is a melting pot of creativity, ideas, horticulture, and gastronomy - a setting for many stories - a place in which passions, projects and plots have evolved and come to fruition. 

Ultimately, Villa Valeria is rooted in love - the romance of a place, the unwavering comfort of a home and the joy of bringing friends and family together to share simple, yet refined pleasures. It is personified in the small moments that make the everyday special - the smell of great coffee brewing on a misty autumn morning, the heady fragrance of ripe tomatoes in high summer; a crisp fresh Vermentino savored during the first lunch of spring taken on the terrace; the pleasure of a long bath taken after a days work in the garden and sweet crumb of a panettone by the fire in December. It is life, lived well.

From humble beginnings as a family home, with orchards, olive groves, a small vegetable garden and a handful of chickens, Villa Valeria has evolved into a network of makers, growers and craftspeople - providing an ever expanding range of nutrient rich food, drink and bath & body essentials. A network that crosses borders, but shares a common language of quality, provenance and care.


At Villa Valeria, we experience the seasons via our plates - from the dusky skins of autumn squashes & pumpkins to spring’s sweet, heady wild strawberries, rich boar stews in the depths of January, and who can resist summer's rich bounty of tomatoes, basil and zucchini flowers.

Starting with just a cluster of fig and cherry trees and a small potager, produce has always been central to the estate. From self-sufficient roots, we have grown a bigger, broader estate - we have partnered with those that offer the very best produce, connecting you with the experts in their literal field! We champion real Tuscan food, grown naturally and made with love - pasta so fresh it practically sings, tossed in our golden, peppery olive oil; all hand-crafted by generations of Tuscan artisans.

And then, there is the wine! Open a bottle of our local Sangiovese, robust and bold, or sip on a crisp Vernaccia with a whisper of the sea. Each sip a toast to the sun-drenched grapes and the soil that nourishes them - a story of the terroir, of those that tend it and of those who drink it, in the places, with the people they love.

Real food, as it should be – flavourful, free of additives, made with care and at the heart of our homes. We support those who champion the simple things, done really well - you will taste it. The very essence of Tuscany – on a plate, in your glass, and in your heart.

Escape to a World of Scents

Discover Villa Valeria's Regional Beauty Rituals

At Villa Valeria, we capture the essence of each region – our signature scents transport you to faraway landscapes without you ever leaving your shower.

Travel to Tuscany with our invigorating Tuscan Sage Shampoo & Body Wash. A unique blend of organic botanical extracts that evokes sun-warmed hillsides, the whisper of olive groves, and the crisp scent of rosemary rising from the earth, tempered by the cool marble and incense of the region's grand churches.

Tuscany is just the first chapter in our olfactory adventure. Explore the lavender blooms of Provence; the citrus groves and dusty pine - stepped hillsides of Mallorca; the crisp mountain air and the musky woodland  of the French Alps, and the cozy charm of the Cotswolds via Bergamot & Sweetpea.

Each scent is a meticulously crafted symphony - designed to encapsulate the spirit, soul and style of our beloved regions, accentuating your experience in them. Or taking you there when you are elsewhere.

Discover the traditional and regional recipes from our nonnas 

One brick full of Tuscan Sage

At Villa Valeria, we do not tolerate waste! So, in a year when our olive oil harvest exceeded expectations and demand, we sought to diversify our production and have produced a limited run of oversized Olive Oil Soap Bricks. Naturally scented with our Organic Herb garden Sage, this deeply moisturising soap will give skin a healthy, vibrant glow and leave it feeling soft and smooth.


Give a hand to our famous Sage
and Eucalyptus hand soap


Local fresh vegetables from the best farmers in
the Cotswolds right to your home